I am Nerijus, lithuanian elopement and wedding photographer currently living in between Ålesund, Norway and Kaunas, Lithuania.
Wedding photography for me is mostly about capturing true, genuine emotions and turning them into unforgettable memories.

I started as a wedding photographer over a decade ago and after over 180 weddings i still think that witnessing your big day with camera in my hands is one of the most thrilling and meaningful things i have ever done and probably – ever do.

If you feel that my images have “that” something special – i’d love to talk to you and hear your story.



 For me your wedding is not only about the cake or pretty dress  – it’s all about you, your better half and your love story. Throughout the wedding day i take a lot of different images – from dress up to family portraitures, even the wedding cake gets a place in the album. Still, my heart really melts down when i’m taking pictures of people that are crazy in love with each other.

I’d like to see myself not only as a wedding vendor, but more like a guest or a long lost friend of yours – the one who’s got the camera. That helps me stay close to the people and gives me ability to take very intimate and personal pictures. That’s the way even the most camera shy people gets relaxed in front of my lens.